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Viewing Devices

Video: Viewing Devices

Below is a step-by-step tutorial on how to view and manage your devices:
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Viewing Devices

Devices can be viewed by clicking the Device Manager drop down box and then click View Devices.

Each device and a description of the device can be viewed by clicking the device title under the Device Description column.

Once clicked, a page similar to the one bellow will appear. This page will give the customer Device Information, the status of the device, the specific device instructions, IP Assignments and Related DNS Records.

From here the customer will be able to Add IP Assignments and view the location of the device in the rack.

Viewing Racks and Device Location

To view the rack(s) that contain customer device(s), click on the View Racks tab under Device Manager.

To view racks, click on the desired rack number. This will allow the customer to see which data center the rack is held and where their device in located within the rack.

From here, the customer is able to view a detailed description of the device by clicking on the device name. IP Assignments can be added (please consult with Account Executive before adding an assignment.

Also, tickets can be created directly from this window by clicking the Submit New Ticket link. (For information on how to submit a new ticket please follow this link Submit a New Ticket.

Another way to view where each device is located within a rack, under the View Devices tab, click the link within the Location column and it will take you to a page similar to the one above.

Video: Viewing Facilities



Viewing Rack and Device Facilities

To view facilities, Under the Device Manager tab, click the View Facilities link.

To look at each facilities details, click on the address under the Name column.

Once the address is clicked, a page similar to the one below will appear. If one wishes to see the facilities physical location on the map, click the view map link located within the address listed. A separate tab will open within Google Maps.



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