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Ticket Priorities

Our initial ticket submission process provides our customers the ability to designate whether a ticket is an emergency. (Translated to 911 priority) All other tickets are initially created with a normal priority. To request a different priority, simply reply to the ticket or call support and indicate the requested priority and impact to your business.

  • Low - Non-urgent request or incident. This typically involves best effort requests and requests requiring additional research.
  • Normal - Standard requests or incident not involving a degradation of services. Examples of this include adding new user accounts, application updates, and application installs.
  • High - Server and services are up but experiencing a degradation of service. Examples of this includes slow load times or intermittent problems for a specific user or group of users.
  • 911 - Emergency. Customer systems or services are down. An example of this includes an unresponsive and/or unavailable server or service(s).

Note that while we maintain a list of priorities and definitions, the priority and the impact of an issue to your company ultimately dictates the issues priority. If an issue is urgent and causing significant impact to your business, we will work with you to prioritize and react accordingly.  



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