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Submitting a New Ticket

How to Open a New Ticket

Below is a step-by-step tutorial on how to submit a new ticket:

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How to Open a New Ticket

To submit a new ticket to the Contegix Support Staff, simply click on the Submit New Ticket tab and a separate window will pop up.

The window that appears will look like the image below. In this window you can enter specific details about this ticket.

  • CC - Enter additional addresses to include on ticket correspondence
  • Subject - A brief description of the ticket
  • Message - A detailed description of the request or issue
  • Emergency - Indicate whether this ticket is an emergency. An emergency is typically defined as a full or partial outages of services and creates a 911 priority ticket.
  • Department - Indicate the department your ticket should be routed to. By default, General Support is selected. You can also route your ticket directly to another team by selecting Account Executives or Billing.
  • Ticket Category - Indicate what the ticket is for (Ex: Zimbra)
  • Purpose - Indicating the purpose of the ticket (Ex: Updates)
  • Impact - Indicate the impact to your company
  • Attachments - Add attachments as appropriate

Once the appropriate data has been entered, select Send to submit.



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