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Viewing Default Metric Templates

When viewing summary metrics, the graphs that are presented are defined by of a default set of metric templates that are generic enough apply to most any device.  However, the graphs that are displayed can be edited to display custom graphs that may be only applicable to a particular device.  Clicking "edit" on the "Managed Device Metrics" section from within the device view will preset a popup window displaying the metric templates used to generate all graphs.

Within this textarea, the user is presented with a JSON data structure that represents the metric templates used for this device.  The data structure has a specific format:

  • <template name>
    • <parameter>: value
    • <parameter>: value
    • "target": <array of targets>

The available parameters how the graph is visually drawn.  The list of available valid parameters and their values can be extrapolated from the graphite documentation.

Each target within the array of targets is a nested structure of functions, metrics, and values.  The list of available functions and their positional parameters can be taken from the graphite documentation.


Viewing Available Metrics

Below the metric template definition, an non-editable text areas displays all available metrics on this device.  Any of these metrics can be used as parameters to the "metric" key when building new metric templates.


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