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  • Add, Edit, and Deactivate Users
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Add, Edit, and Deactivate Users

Create User
  1. Select Add Contact
  2. Enter the Name, Email, Login ID, and Password for the new contact.
  3. On the Permissions tab, select the permissions you'd like the contact to have.  You can Enable All permissions by selecting the Enable All link at the top of the tab, enable permissions within a particular section by selecting the enable associated to the right of each section, or enable permissions on each individual property.
  4. On the Custom Fields tab, select the appropriate permission levels for each permission in the Contegix Permissions section.
  5. Select Save
Modify User Information and Permissions
  1. Select Edit at the right of the corresponding contact
  2. Modify the contact permissions as desired
  3. Select Save
Deactivate User
  1. Select Deactivate and select Yes


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